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This week’s “U mad, bro?” is laced with Penguins fans who don’t like the trade for Jason Zucker.

Then there are those who want me to like it more than I do.

We also get the usual bile for Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell and Bud Dupree.

Also, we sprinkle in the expected hissing defenses of Jim Rutherford and JuJu Smith-Schuster.

You know, just another week for me and my readers.

Scott tweeted me about Jason Zucker’s “Mr. Nice Guy” reputation.

That’s good to keep in mind, Scott. You never know when the Washington Capitals might make Tom Wilson available.

Overall, I’m not completely sold on the Zucker trade just yet. I think he’s a good player. But not a true difference maker.

I appreciate the aggressiveness in Jim Rutherford’s deal making as general manager. I’m just a little concerned that the amount yielded for Zucker occurred because Rutherford was chasing the dragon for a deal he wasn’t allowed to make last summer.

Michael disagrees and wants to rubber stamp whatever Rutherford does because of his past success.

Hadn’t been aware of that, thanks! Rutherford won two Stanley Cups in Pittsburgh? Gee. When did that happen? Was I sleeping?

C’mon, Michael. Obviously, Rutherford is a Hall of Fame general manager. And he’s got a strong track record.

Does this mean every trade he makes works out, though? Before you answer “yes,” how about Ryan Reaves, Tanner Pearson, Derick Brassard and Nick Bjugstad?

“He wins” is just a blanket fallback for “I don’t want to look objectively at the pros and cons of this trade and I’m just gonna keep my fingers crossed and hope it works out.”

And if that’s what you want to do, that’s fine. You’re a fan. You’re allowed.

I’m supposed to give my opinions. Not post rah-rah GIFs all day.

When Antonio Brown tried to simultaneously apologize and blame everybody else in the world for his bad behavior during a radio interview last week, I wrote a column about it.

In the post, I said an area where Brown was actually right is that there appears to be a double standard between how people shredded him for speeding 100 mph on McKnight Road and how the news came and went when JuJu Smith-Schuster filmed himself going over 100 mph as well.

I drew out that connection to say Brown is frequently ripped for living his life on social media. Yet Smith-Schuster does the same thing, and “he’s just a kid having fun.”

Zachary didn’t like that.

Brown isn’t ripped for just ‘living his life’ on social media. He’s ripped for the life he is living on social media.

Juju isn’t live streaming himself berating his children’s mother, terrible rap videos, calling police racial slurs for an hour.

Juju typically posts stuff about video games, his dog, pretty standard stuff for a young adult in their lower 20’s.

The worst thing Juju has ever posted on social media would be the best thing on AB’s social media in a while. To compare the two in that regard is nonsense on your part. Your example of something ‘bad’ Juju posted is him going cliff diving.

Is that bad? Do you think he’s the only player to do anything ‘extreme’ or physical in the off-season?

Hey, if he gets hurt, he can blame only himself. But my point is it’s nowhere near what AB does on social media. It’s not a double standard – it’s the content of what’s on AB’s page that sets him apart.

Well, Zachary, I don’t have to stop there. I can bring up partying in State College and North Fayette when he was about to be inactive on game days because of a concussion and a knee injury, or how he was out making it rain after the Steelers lost to Seattle when Ben Roethlisberger got hurt.

To your point, Smith-Schuster can do what he wants. But if you don’t think Brown’s constant need to perform on social media feeds his narcissism and contributed to his downfall, I think you are being naive.

If you think Smith-Schuster is immune to that potential as well, you are being even more naive.

And, if you think Brown would’ve skated from criticism over doing those things when he was injured like Smith-Schuster, then I can’t help you at all.

John emailed me about all the talk surrounding Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi potentially going to Michigan State.

There was no way that Michigan State was going to offer the head coaching position to Coach Narduzzi. He may have been on their list but only as part of the search process.

Michigan State is in need of a dynamic individual that can take their program to the next level, has produced consistent winning teams or has been a part of a successful program and has the ability to turn a program from mediocre to outstanding.

In his time at Pitt, these are not qualities on his resume.

The only plus for him is that he once coached at MSU and did a good job as defensive coordinator.

John, you are spot on when it comes to the last part. But based on hiring Mel Tucker after just one 5-7 season at Colorado, apparently a deep resume doesn’t matter much to Michigan State.

Ted emailed me about my “First Call” post which included a ProFootballTalk.com story speculating that Le’Veon Bell may go back to Pittsburgh.

Hi Tim,

The Steelers need to find either a big, fast back in the draft or get rid of (Bud) Dupree and get Derrick Henry who may be available.

No Bell. Don’t need him back in Pittsburgh. He is a problem child.

Ted, I’ll agree with you on Bell. There is no need to try to rebuild that house of Jenga blocks.

I’ll agree with you on Henry. Sure. If the Steelers can find the money, and he wants to come here, sign him.

Good luck with that, though.

And I’ll even agree with you on the running back in the draft. If they find one that projects better than James Conner or Benny Snell as a long-term starter, awesome. Pick that guy.

Keep in mind, that can’t occur until the second round, unfortunately. Unless they trade up into the first round.

And with what going out the door in exchange?

Also, don’t be so cavalier about ditching Dupree. He had a great season. He was a huge part of this defense’s success. And if the Steelers let him walk, the most pressing need for them immediately becomes replacing him anyway.

Because there is no capable backup on the roster.

Oh. Here’s one more on the Zucker trade before we go. It comes from “Manning.” He sent this tweet after Zucker’s first game as a Penguin Tuesday night against Tampa Bay.


Good to see we are being patient and avoiding jumping to conclusions.

At least Manning waited to send this until after the game. I was expecting something like this before the first intermission.

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